Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google Docs VS DropBox

After several emails back and forth I decided to take a closer look at both Google Docs and DropBox to see what the features are and maybe see which service I liked best.
Both services offer storage of files, photos and videos.
Both allow sharing of files with others. Great when collaborating on projects!
I can't find a limit for the number of files you can store on Google Docs. DropBox has a set limit with the option to purchase additional storage space.     (Or refer your friends and earn additional space)

Take a look at the following videos to see how both programs work to create folders to organize your documents (Google Docs calls them COLLECTIONS...although I will have to work hard to call them "collections" not folders) ;-)
After several (and I mean SEVERAL) unsuccessful attempts to load all 3 videos into one post, I have resigned to doing them with one video and two links to videos. 
This is a video on organizing files in Google Docs into "Collections"
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This is the video on adding video and photos to Google Docs:
Click text not image;-(

Click text not image! ;-(

Hopefully this will help. If you already use Blogger, then you're half way to Google Docs (it's part of your account as is Gmail). If you're looking to get Drop Box click here to join: DropBox!

No need to pick one or the other...take one of each, they're FREE!! ;-)


Annie Moffatt said...

AWESOME! Thank you for sharing:)

Mrs. Mc said...

Thank you for this post. I enjoyed the emails.
I found out today that Google DOES have a limit of 1,024 MB!! Not quite sure what those numbers mean, but I do know I've reached the limit and no longer have room to add documents unless I purchase more space.
I am going to look into Dropbox now!

Now if I could only find the best way to store all of the activities I've printed! ;-)

~ Mrs. Mc
Little Literacy Learners

Chasity Furse said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm a new reader to your blog and love the resources here. I have both Google Docs & Dropbox and I have't found that I favor one over the other yet. I probably use DropBox more as it just seems easier to access for me. :)

Dan said...

I have been using DropBox for some time now as a paid user and heard a little snippet of news that Google Docs announced something that is essentially a DropBox killer. Though I am unable to find anything further on this - it leads me to wonder if google docs will work just like Dropbox?

I am not a fan of having to log into google docs every time I work on a file from the various applications I use, plus I have all my music sync'd to DropBox. But if Google Docs will sync a variety of files on my computer and sync them on the fly - may be worth looking at.

Have you heard anything?

Anonymous said...

Google doc upload slow.