Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Been Quite A While....

It's seems like it's been forever since I came here to blog. I'm not really sure why... perhaps because it was an extremely busy school year, coupled with a serious and very scary eye surgery...toss in a bit of Common Core,  and scoop of RtI and it all adds up to having to set some things aside for a while.
Take some time to regroup!
I was content to wait until school started up again before returning to blogging....but I recently met up with my BBB (Best Blog Buddy) Fran  of Kindergarten Crayons . She was in Chicago over the weekend for a convention and I wasn't about to pass on the opportunity to meet her face to face! It's always interesting when something like that happens... the person is shorter or taller than you imagined, or the voice is different.... I'm sure I'm MUCH taller than she expected...but the connection was just PERFECT! ;-)
 We had a lovely dinner and HOURS of FANTASTIC conversation! (Our poor waitress must have thought we were NEVER going to leave.LOL!!)
 We traded lots of stories about kids, teachers, principals, families and more. We talked about developing children, Common Core, and blogging! Fran gave me a GREAT pep talk! It was JUST what I needed to be (re)motivated to get up and start blogging again. Fran is even nicer, more knowledgeable and fun that I imagined she would be. Thanks again Fran....I really needed that!

Having shared all that, be sure to check back here later for some great ideas to get you going in the coming school year!


Fran Kramer said...

OMG I just saw this. This is the sweetest post I could imagine reading. You were everything and that much more in person. It was the highlight of my trip and I will never forget that evening we spent together. I feel like I have know you forever.
So much love,

Cindy said...

It's all true Fran...and then some! ;-)
Thanks again for everything!