Friday, August 5, 2011

Birthday Winners

WhhooHoooooo!! It's my birthday....and I have gifts to give away!
First let me say THANKS for the WONDERFUL responses to the Birthday Give-Away; as well as all the warm "Birthday Wishes".  THANKS to Fran and Leslie for your help in my celebration too!
Before I announce the winners.... let me say that I wish I had enough of every gift for each entrant. ;-(
In that line of thinking, I am offering to EVERYONE a SALE at my Teachers Notebook Shop. Now through midnight on Saturday, (the 6th)...All items are on sale so please go over and take a look!
Now without further delay.....

Using the Random Number Generator and the order the prizes were listed on the original are the winners:
Tick Tock Clock Winners:
Please Email me for your codes


 Build a Word Easy Spelling with Phonics:
Email me to get your codes


Calendar Pack from Leslie @ Kindergarten Works:
Sight Word Packet from Fran @ Kindergarten Crayons:
Email me to let me know which packet you'd like

Monsters Packet from my Teachers Notebook Shop
Email me to get your packet

Say & Stamp Color Words:
Email me to get your packet

Thanks to everyone for your entries! Have a great day!
UPDATE: Just when you think it can't get any better....someone proves it can!! Fran at Kindergarten Crayons has ANOTHER FREE GIFT FOR EVERYONE!! You're going to LOVE IT!! HURRY AND GET YOURS!!!



Julie said...

What a great contest! Happy Birthday!!

Thoughts of a Third Grade Teacher

Amanda said...

Hope you have a great birthday!

Frolicking Through First

Tamara L. Chilver said...

Happy Birthday my sweet friend! I just love visiting the Teacher's Lounge!

Now, I wish I had a lounge in my own house. My kids seem to find me no matter where I go. LOL

Teaching Blog Addict
♥Teaching with TLC

Crayons and Curls said...

Congrats to the winners! :)
and Happy Birthday Cindy! Make it a great day!!! :)
Crayons and Curls

Cindy said...

Thanks for the Birthday wishes and for visiting the Lounge! ;)

Cindy said...

Hi Amanda,
It's early in the day...but it feels like it's going to be a GOOD DAY! ;-) THANKS!

Cindy said...

Thanks for checking in over here in the Lounge! Wouldn't it be great to have our own personal lounges! ;-)
My kids are grown and now the dogs always seem to find me here at home!
Thanks for the birthday wishes too!

Cindy said...

Thanks for playing along in the contest and for checking in on things in the lounge!
I appreciate the birthday wishes! ;-)

Jennyfer said...

Happy Birthday! What a fantastic day for a birthday (it's mine too!)

Kelly B aka Queen Bee! said...

Hi Cindy,

I sent you an email about the prize I won for your birthday giveaway!

Thanks, Kelly

krazykindergarten said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!! I am not sure you should have been awake at 6:00 am on your birthday =) tee hee! I hope you have an AWESOME DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Jennyfer.
Thanks and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too!!

Cindy said...

OK Kelly will check that and get your gift off to you ASAP! ;-)

Cindy said...

Thanks Lori,
Yes...up til the wee hours of the morning surfing and such....then up early to see what happened during the few hours I was asleep! LOL!

Martha said...

Hope you have a wonderful birthday, and thanks for sharing it with all of the blogging world!

Cindy said...

Hi Martha,
I had so much fun doing this! Thanks for playing along and partying in the Teachers' Lounge! ;-)

Ms. W said...

Happy Birthday!

The "First" News said...

Thank you Cindy! It has been fun anticipating your birthday with the fun contest! I hope you had a Happy Birthday and have a fantastic year!

alwayslearning said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!