Monday, October 10, 2011

We Love llama llama

Last week, in attempt to help set a new world record, we had a an opportunity to join hundreds of Kindergartners all over the country in hearing Anna Dewdney's "llama, llama Red Pajama." Our principal came in and read the book to my classes and then we brainstormed a variety of different types of pajamas. We talked about our favorite pajamas. I gave the students a BIG llama llama template and they chose they type of pajamas they wanted to create for their llama, llama. They were given a blank set of words: "llama, llama _____(blank)____ pajama". They used the word bank we created to copy the words they needed. Some doubled up on the descriptors, "BLUE HEART" pajamas. Others took it one step further and did " blue rectangle, pink pajamas". ;-) Everyone did a WONDERFUL job. We will use the students pictures to make a big class book. Click over to our Kindergarten Tales blog to see the video: llama, llama in Pajamas! We had fun.  It's rumored that over 2 million students participated! Did your school participate?