Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perking Up the ABC Highlights

If your students are like mine, there are several who still need practice with recognizing the letters of the alphabet! They’ve played ABC Highlights and they LOVE it...but the graphics have gotten a tad boring. I decided to perk things up a bit by creating ABC cards that are theme related. I have a new ABC Highlights Fall and Winter Supplement packet
There are 12 sets of ABC cards (6 upper case and 6 lower case), with fall and winter themes. The whimsical images keep the games interesting and timely. For the fall there are chalkboards, apples, scarecrows, squirrels, school supplies and back-to-school kids. For winter there are snowflakes, snowmen, elves, and penguins.
You can use the sets alone, or combine them for longer playtime and fewer shuffles. :-) 
Either way, your students are bound to enjoy adding the new cards to this popular game! Go over to my Teachers Notebook shop to grab a copy for your class! While you're there check out my FALL SALE!