Sunday, July 8, 2012

In Love with Mini Books

I'm LOVING making these "mini" books! I am looking forward to using them with my students. My plan is to add these books to my Literacy Stations as independent work. The text and pictures are perfect for beginning readers. The books have great graphics that are fun for kids to color. The books can also support English Language Learners as they build vocabulary.
There are 14 different titles in the ANYTIME MINI BOOKS packet. The titles are intended to be used along with other units being taught without distracting from the units' content. Titles are: Baseball, Vehicles, The Neighborhood, Insects, Fast Food, 911 Vehicles, Getting Around Town, Traveling Fast, Vegetables, Camping Out, Sea Life, Fruits, Football, and Out of This World.
You may notice some of the books have been designed to purposely grab the attention of BOYS who are beginning readers. (Sometimes we have to draw them in closer to reading). :-)
The books require only one sheet of paper and two folds to make. No need to staple, (unless of course you prefer to do so). The vision is that after modeling a few times, the papers can be placed in a Center/Station and students can fold them on their own. My goal is to put as many books in the hands of my students as possible.
The books can easily fit in student's reading bags or in your classroom pocket chart/book bins or classroom library.
If you'd like a freebie sample. click on the image below. If you'd like a set of these books then head over to my Teacher's Notebook shop to get these and more.


These packets and more available at my Teachers Notebook Shop.


Just Wild About Teaching said...

love love love mini books!! im your newest follower...drop by =)

Just Wild About Teaching

Cindy said...

Hi Mrs. C
Thanks for stopping in and for sharing your thoughts about the mini books. I try to limit the amount of paper needed to make my books. I also want an inexpensive way to put as many books into the hands of my kinders as possible. As I am sure you know...sometimes they have little or no books at home.
Thanks to check out your blog! ;-)

S. Simpson said...

I can't believe that I haven't been following you this whole time. . .I've been stalking you FOREVER and have gotten MANY great ideas from your blog. I am now an official follower. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful ideas.
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