Saturday, July 7, 2012

Perfect Companions

I recently posted my Mini ABC Books and am now adding my Mini Number books to my Teachers Notebook Shop! These books are the perfect companion to the ABC Books.

This packet contains 20 mini booklets. One for each number 1-20.
The booklets can be used as part of small group work or placed in a Center for Independent activities. 
Each book has a variety of ways to support students as they learn the numerals. Each book explores the numeral, the number word, a traceable numeral, the number represented in pictures that can be colored, a space for the child to represent the number with his/her own drawing along with a sentence to match their drawing, tally marks to represent the number, and boxes to represent the number in 1’s and 10’s. 
These books are the perfect size for little hands.
The books will fit into bag books to take home, or in your classroom pocket chart or book baskets.
 These books are easy to assemble...just two simple folds. Model folding a few times and students will soon be able to assemble books on their own.