Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Template for Mother's Day Stationary

I was asked to share my template and here it is...

Not sure why this looks this way! But didn't want to take the time to figure it out, right now! ;-)

Again, I have the kids use a black Flair pen to draw. Each child makes 4 different pictures. They sign each card (I removed the year from this template). Then I make copies on cardstock. The stationary gets cut and the children fold all 12 of their cards. They count out 12 envelopes and stack the stationary on top of the envelopes.
This year I used colored paper strips to wrap the sets (rather than ribbon). We cut out scalloped circles (with my Stampin' Up punches) and wrote "MOM" inside the center circle.
Here's a picture of the final project. Have fun!


Mrs. Degeo said...

Thanks so much! I can't wait, I bought ribbon yesterday for this. The scalloped circle is a great idea! I may try to find a shape on one of my Cricut cartridges to do something similar. Thanks again for such a great idea! :)