Tuesday, May 3, 2011

WhoooHooo 100!!

I am thrilled to have hit 100 visitors and am looking forward to announcing the winner of the gift certificate on THURSDAY! That means there's still time for others to enter to win. Remember, you get to choose your gift....TPT, Target or Amazon.com! I am so excited!!.......feel free to post again! In order to be included in the random drawing, be sure to post under the original give-away announcement!
THANKS EVERYONE for following!


Mrs. Coe said...

Congratulations for getting 100! I am working on it! I have 70! How were you able to get the number generator in the post?


Cindy said...

Thanks it's nice and now on to bigger numbers I hope! ;-)
The images are two screenshots plus a photo imaging software. It's also the way I got the images of the "prize options".