Sunday, November 13, 2011

Teen Number Work

I have been so busy with report cards, assessments and the like that I barely have time to blog in the ways that I enjoy. I am beginning to look ahead at the next stage of assessments for my students. I already know there will be many struggles for them as we strive to learn the "teen" numbers (what IS it about the numbers that throw kids such a big curve?) I always think if someone had named the "teens" "one-e-one, one-e-two, one-e-three..etc" we'd have far less issues with teaching them to kids. ;-)
At any rate, as I look ahead, I decided to create some new materials to help my kids. I thought you might find them useful as well, so I created a packet to help us.
 The packet uses a WINTER THEME is filled with activities to help students see the numbers visually as well as build the numbers. Other key activities include:

* practice writing numerals 
* fill in missing numerals (descending, ascending & random order)
* count & make sets of object 11-20
*  Use symbols to show <, >, or = 
* create <, >, or = (Open-ended) number sentences
* numeral recognition (open-ended) 
* numeral recognition games with optional challenge levels included
* Game cards can be used in pocket chart to work on number order or          combine with tens frame game cards for a matching game
* make book(s) to show quantities 20-11 or 11-20, or random order
I put in several open-ended games, and sheets to help challenge those students that easily grasp the concept. There are game cards that show the numeral as well as tens frames to show quantity. The cards can be used in the pocket chart or to play matching games. 
There are also activities for working with the <,>, and = signs. My kids really enjoy learning about the signs and these games will extend that learning.
Visit my Teachers Notebook shop to see more images and grab a copy for your kids as well: