Sunday, November 27, 2011

Using Voicethread

Sippin' & Surfin'

This is one of those rare mornings when I took time (away from  lesson plans,  laundry and other household chores) to spend time sippin' coffee and surfin' the Internet and taking time to think about using more technology in the classroom. I know some folks will giggle at that image, but if you know know it was a warm and wonderful time for me. ;-)
 I am creating a list of new ideas to share...there's so much going on out there that I feel I could spend weeks getting all caught up. In my surfing this morning I came upon someone using Voicethread and it reminded me of how much my students and I enjoyed using it a few years ago. I don't know how I migrated away from it....but I will make plans to use it with my kids this year. I thought you might want to give it a try with your students as well. Take a look at an online Holiday Greeting Card we made to share with friends and family. The images came from Flickr and the greetings came from my kids. The way I put it all together was... I took photos of the kids in "Holiday" mode. Then uploaded them into Voicethread. As a class we looked at several photos in Flickr and selected the ones you see in the final project. Then each child got to come to the computer and express their Holiday Wish! We LOVED it! If you're interested, there are several tutorials at the Voicethread site and there's even an App for your iPad/iPhone/iTouch.
Take a look at our Voicethread from a few years ago....consider giving it a try with your kids.

Here's another Voicethread my students and I created on "Things That Come In 2's". (Note: the photos were all taken by students)

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Starbucks image from AForestFrolic @ Flickr