Saturday, October 22, 2011

Perking Up the ABC Highlights

If your students are like mine, there are several who still need practice with recognizing the letters of the alphabet! They’ve played ABC Highlights and they LOVE it...but the graphics have gotten a tad boring. I decided to perk things up a bit by creating ABC cards that are theme related. I have a new ABC Highlights Fall and Winter Supplement packet
There are 12 sets of ABC cards (6 upper case and 6 lower case), with fall and winter themes. The whimsical images keep the games interesting and timely. For the fall there are chalkboards, apples, scarecrows, squirrels, school supplies and back-to-school kids. For winter there are snowflakes, snowmen, elves, and penguins.
You can use the sets alone, or combine them for longer playtime and fewer shuffles. :-) 
Either way, your students are bound to enjoy adding the new cards to this popular game! Go over to my Teachers Notebook shop to grab a copy for your class! While you're there check out my FALL SALE!

Monday, October 17, 2011

I LOVE Candy!

OK, I will admit, I LOVE candy....Twizzlers, Reese's, Hershey's Kisses, Mr. Goodbar and more! What's YOUR favorite candy? I would love to know! ;)
Rare is the child that doesn't enjoy a little candy now and then. This packet is timely enough for Halloween, but generic enough to use anytime of the year! Using a CANDY theme, children can practice graphing, counting, ABC's, writing, bookmaking/reading, sentence building, sight words and data collection. Visit my Teachers Notebook shop to get your copy just in time for Halloween! ;-)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween Fun Packet

I have been sick in bed for several days now....coughing like crazy and suffering from having little or no voice. What's a gal to do?? Well, I figured I would work on something new for my students....which turned into something to add to my Teachers Notebook Shop! This packet provides students with practice labeling parts of a Halloween picture. The same pictures are used to help scaffold students in their writing. There's also a printable book for students to color and read. The book provides practice for young students as they learn to do "return sweeps" as they read. Check out the packet for more details:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Write the Wall Fall Freebie

My Kinders LOVE to write the wall. I've added a Write the Wall (Fall Theme) to my Teachers Notebook Shop. It's a FREEBIE....All I ask is that you leave a bit of feedback there and or list my shop as a Fav! THANKS!
Note: There are sheets that are pure Halloween and some that have a pure FALL theme for those that don't celebrate. Enjoy! Click on the image to get your copy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

We Love llama llama

Last week, in attempt to help set a new world record, we had a an opportunity to join hundreds of Kindergartners all over the country in hearing Anna Dewdney's "llama, llama Red Pajama." Our principal came in and read the book to my classes and then we brainstormed a variety of different types of pajamas. We talked about our favorite pajamas. I gave the students a BIG llama llama template and they chose they type of pajamas they wanted to create for their llama, llama. They were given a blank set of words: "llama, llama _____(blank)____ pajama". They used the word bank we created to copy the words they needed. Some doubled up on the descriptors, "BLUE HEART" pajamas. Others took it one step further and did " blue rectangle, pink pajamas". ;-) Everyone did a WONDERFUL job. We will use the students pictures to make a big class book. Click over to our Kindergarten Tales blog to see the video: llama, llama in Pajamas! We had fun.  It's rumored that over 2 million students participated! Did your school participate?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

The FireFighters are Coming

We are preparing for the arrival of the FireFighters. They will come to visit us in a few days. As we learn ways to be safe from fire, we're also using the Fire Safety theme to work on our math skills! We're working on 1:1 counting up to 10, as well as numeral writing practice. Here's a  Fire Safety freebie to use with your students. I hope your students like it! It's been a while since I linked up to Google docs...I hope this works! ;-)

Note: The graphics by Alice Smith are from DigiWeb Studio