Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Activity

Hi, It seems like forever since I've had time to sit down and work on a new fun activity for my students. AND have time to share it with other teachers online.
In class we have been working on learning a host of sight words. We have been working on reading and writing our words in sentences. Sometimes my kiddos have a hard time making up sentences so I wanted to create something to help them out a bit. My ROLL, WRITE, READ, DRAW packet is designed to provide practice, variety and fun.
To prepare for your kiddos... Choose the sheet(s) for students to work with. Provide materials for writing and drawing and a dice (1-6)
Each sheet has a focus sight word. Many sheets build upon various sight words, so be sure you expose students to the words to ensure success. Oh and yes, they are Common Core aligned. (CCSS are printed on each page)

Directions: Students roll the dice, match the number on the dice with a word in the word bank at the top of the page. The student fills in the blank in the sentence with the word from the word bank. Then the student draws a picture to match the completed sentence.
Sight Words: a, the, and, big, little, my, is, here, blue, red, see, it, one, yellow, can, in, make
This is a GREAT activity for your independent literacy/word work centers. Students can work side by side on the same sheet and create their own sentences and illustrations. You can also differentiate by assigning the more complex sentences to your stronger readers and writers.
Click on the image below to get a sample page to try:

Then visit my Teachers Notebook Shop to get the entire set for your class.