Sunday, July 31, 2011

More iApp Winners

Here's the latest winners of the iApps!
Please email me ASAP to claim your App! ;-) (Yes Sarah you won BOTH!) ;-)
(Be sure to remind me which App you'd like)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Embedding Video via ScreenCast

****Update to this post! Apparently, JING has a limit on the bandwidth a user can have for free each month. Guess who went OVER? So I have reposted using another source! 

I received an email from a follower asking how to embed a Jing video into her blog. This quick tutorial takes you through the steps. However, I am finding a "quirk" with Screencast when I have more than one video on the same page. Somehow it changes ALL the videos. Whichever video was the last loaded seems to cannibalize the others. If you're looking to do one video, this should be fine, but you may consider another program if you're trying to load several videos, I ran into this problem BIG time a few weeks ago on a post comparing Google Docs to Drop Box. Another option, if you're using a PC is PhotoStory3. You can use a series of screen shots to create your step-by-step video and a voiceover is simple to do. You can add music as well. It will end up looking much like this video (below) which was made in iMovie with screen shots, music and voiceover. I made this then uploaded my iMovie to Trying to made a video screencast of a screencast was a bit like holding a mirror and looking at yourself in a mirror, so I used screenshots ....felt too much like a TwlightZone episode.(humming the theme song here) ;-)

 Both PhotoStory3 and iMovies can be uploaded to blogger, or other video hosting sites.
I hope this helps you Kitty! ;-)
If you need help creating screenshots on PC or Mac.....just give me a holla' and I'll help!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another iApp Give-Away

I am pleased to offer more Apps as give-aways! There will be 10 winners!! I know....isn't that great?
This time the two Apps are:
Arithmetic Invaders: Grade 1 and Memory Game Spelling Words. 5 of each!
Be sure to check out the system requirements and game description to be sure this fits your needs.

There are 3 ways to enter:
  • Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment (or if you already follow, leave a comment) Let me know which App you prefer
  • Visit my Shop at Teachers Notebook and mark it as a FAV then leave a comment here
  • Blog about this give-away then leave a comment here
Yes, it's just that simple! Oh and yes, it is possible to win BOTH apps. Just be sure your comment has your name so we can find you. I had winners last time that never contacted me.

Winners will be chosen at random on Sunday, July 31. The access codes are time sensitive so be sure to check back Sunday to see if you are a winner. Codes will be emailed to winners as soon as you notify me.

Good Luck!

Best Playdough Recipe

As I start to think about setting up my classroom in a few weeks, I think about what jobs can be done ahead of time. One is making Playdough for the classroom. While I know there are hundreds of ways to make it and no one person can claim ownership to the recipe,  this one I credit to my dear friend Lee.
Lee was one of the best Early Childhood teachers I ever had the pleasure to work with. In 1998, Lee suffered a massive heart attack and collapsed in front of her Kindergarten class. I still shake my head at the thought of that morning and how this wonderful teacher died doing the work she loved. It's been well over 10 years since her passing, but I think of her every time I reach for the recipe!
I am sharing Lee's recipe and hope that you'll try it. I think you'll really like it. I know it would bring Lee great joy to know that children all over the country were playing with Playdough shared in her memory!


Saturday, July 23, 2011

iAnnounce: THE WINNERS!

Thanks to everyone who entered the iApps give-away. There are 10 winners...including "unknown". Check to see if you are a winner then email me ASAP. Please note the download access code is time sensitive so don't delay! ;-)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Say and Stamp

Check out my latest addition to my Teachers Notebook Shop. It's a book to help students with letter recognition, beginning sounds, and sight words. Here are a few sample pages from the Color Words Book:

Be sure to check out my other downloads while you're there!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Click on image to learn more about each App

I am hosting another give away.
There will be 10 winners for this one! Yes...TEN! I have an opportunity to share two different Apps.
5 for BUILD A WORD- Easy Spelling and 5 For MEMORY GAME-Letters and Numbers. 10 in all!
 Please note these are Apps to be downloaded from iTunes.
Please be sure to read the system requirements before entering/downloading.

Now for the enter sign up as a follower to this blog and leave a comment,  FAV my Teachers Notebook Shop and leave a comment here, blog about this give away on your site and leave a comment here. That's 3 chances to win! A Random Number Generator will select the winners.
I will announce them on Saturday, July 23rd.
Each winner will receive one of the two Apps in the give-away!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highlighting Letters

If you haven't made it to your local Walgreens this week, hurry! They are selling small highlighters for 9 cents!!! Mind you, they are the mini-highlighters but....9 cents! I nabbed several sets in different colors.
I made this game to go with them:
(You can find a copy in my Teachers Notebook Shop)

When I went searching online for a link to the mini-highlighters I came across this gem....Look at the price for 8 Sharpies!! WOW!  Hurry because the sale ends Saturday!
By the way, I didn't find the mini's online!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Items in The Teachers' Lounge Shop

I am excited to share a few more items in my Teachers Notebook Shop. I have Freebies as well as items for sale. There are games, student books, teacher resources and more..... I would love for you to hop over and check things out!

Songs to Share

Hadar over at Miss Kindergarten is hosting a Singing Songs Linky Party. I love to sing songs with my kinders....real or made up! Years ago I came across a set of songs written and sung by Joe Scruggs. The songs were all transitional songs for Kindergarten. I had the "cassette" tape...which tells you how long ago it was when I bought it...LOL!! I checked his site, but I don't see it there. He has loads of songs we love to sing including: Late Last Night, Wiggle In My Toe, and Deep In The Jungle.
I am sharing two of my favorite transitional songs by Joe Scruggs. I don't recall the titles of the songs, and I really don't want to get in any trouble so if you know the names please let me know! The first is a song to sing when getting ready to go to lunch/eat: "Listen, Listen". The second is a song to sing when lining up: "I'm Looking"!
Visit my Teacher's Notebook Shop to download free copies of the lyrics.
Then come back here for your own personal Sing-Along! ;-)
(Please don't make fun of my singing!!) ;-) LOL...I worked on this late at night so I may sound a tad tired...LOL!

For more fun songs, sure to visit Joe at his website: Joe Scruggs

Friday, July 15, 2011

Christmas in July

I'm teaming up with other teachers at TBA for Christmas in July.

 Visit my shop at Teacher's Notebook for some wintertime freebies and more:

Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Teacher's Notebook Shop is OPEN!

I'm excited to announce the Grand Opening of my Teacher's Notebook Shop!
One of my first items is something we all can use. It's an All Year Party Pack.
This packet contains over 200 pieces to help you and your students celebrate from the First Day of School through to the Last! Some of the party/celebration sets included are:
  • Welcome Back to School
  • Birthdays
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Valentine's Day
  • 100th Day
  • Thank You
  • and more!
12 sets in all.
Each set is coordinated with Medallions, Labels and Bag Toppers.
Medallions can be used as gift tags, toppers for cupcakes, pencils, candy bars or in place of bows on any gift.
Labels can be used to decorate bottles of water (add a packet of drink mix, coffee or tea for an instant gift), large treat bags, jar candles, envelopes and more.
Bag Toppers can be used on small treat bags, gift card holders and more!
Big value, reasonable price!
Take a look at a few of the ways you can use your party pack, then head over to My Teacher's Notebook Shop to get your set.

We have a WINNER!!!

Congratulations Marisol! Please contact me so we can get your prize to you!
Thanks for everyone for entering! Thanks to Leslie of KindergartenWorks for her kind donation of her Detective Read and Write The Room Literacy Center Activities!

Monday, July 11, 2011

KindergartenWorks Summer Sweepstakes

Leslie over at Kindergarten Works is having an awesome give-away! There will be 10 lucky winners. Check it out:

Grab Your Gear

Sunday, July 10, 2011

200 Followers GiveAway!

I am thrilled to have reached 200 followers!!
THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all who follow my blog.
To celebrate I'm having a GiveAway!
I am please to share that Leslie of Kindergarten Works has generously donated her Detective Read & Write The Room (Literacy Center Packet) from her Teachers Notebook Store.  If you haven't seen her shop, you're missing out on some GREAT activities for you students.
You have several chances to win:

Click on any item in her shop & look for this button
  •  Socially share about this GiveAway via, your blog or other social media and leave a comment below (1 entry for each method of social sharing)
Button located by "Comments" below

Winner will be announced on Thursday, July 14th so hurry!

This is a FANTASTIC packet! 
Thanks again Leslie for helping me with this GiveAway.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Looking for Something Refreshing to Eat?

I know, this has NOTHING to do with teaching, but it's late, I should be sleeping, I can't what am I doing? SURFING THE INTERNET! It could be worse... I could be EATING! ;-) So I am doing the next best thing....looking at PICTURES of food I would love to eat! LOL!!
I came across a site called: The Girl Who Ate Everything. She posted a recipe for Watermelon Salsa! Now before you click away from here thinking..."NO WAY"... take a look at it:
It's mouth watering! ;-) I have made it before...not quite my recipe, but I can tell you this.... You show up at your next summer picnic with this in your dish and you'll be a HIT! Go on over to Christy's site and check out this and other recipes. I've printed off several! I think my virtual tummy is almost full! ;-) 

PS...Check out some of the food I wished I could eat in my Pintrest iEat board

Friday, July 8, 2011

Font Overload?

If you're a font junkie, like I am, you often find yourself searching through literally HUNDREDS of fonts seeking the perfect one! Well I have something that may help you out. It's called WordMark It Take a look at how it works:

Hope this helps!
Oh and if you're looking for websites with fonts, check out my earlier post:
I Love Fonts

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Spot on Dr. Seuss

I made my way to the Dollar Spot at Target today and found these great bags. My first thought was these will be great for sharing books from school at home. The bags have handles and are made of durable materials. The bags are small enough to slip inside a backpack and charming enough to notice and not easily get lost. Hurry over to your Target store to see what's new in the Dollar Spot!
I also found these puzzles:

Gotta love that Dollar Spot!