Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tiny Photos Memory Game

Do you get a set of tiny photos from your school photographer? I never really know what to do with them. I am planning to make a "MEMORY" game using them. I've made a memory game before, but I had to print out the photos on the color printer (INK!!!). These photos from the photographer will come in very handy Each set has a minimum of 4 photos per child. I will use 2 photos of each child. I cut card stock into 2x2 inch squares. I love to color code my AM & PM classes, so I have yellow  card stock for the morning and blue for the afternoon class. The pictures will be mounted on the card stock, laminated and placed on the shelf with other games the kids play in class. I think they will really enjoy playing the classic memory game with the photos of their classmates.  How do you use those tiny photos?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Community Helpers Packet

Teaching young learners about Community Helpers is a staple among Early Childhood Educators. My Community Helpers packet is designed to help make the unit easy for the teacher and challenging and fun for students.
I am pleased to include 11 books that students can color/make and take home for sharing and reading. Five of them are my "EZ-2 Assemble Books" which are formatted and designed so you can copy them back-to-back, fold, staple and distribute to students. There is no need to re-arrange or shuffle the pages to assemble them for student use. This saves both time and paper!
There are activities to strengthen word work, sentence building, and writing skills. Math activities include; pattern work, skip counting, more/less (using the </> signs), place value and more.
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graphics from KPM Doodles

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Fran

Happy Birthday Fran!
 I borrowed these two WILD and CRAZY guys to help me send a shout out to my good gal pal Fran of Kindergarten Crayons. Fran is with good company celebrating her birthday in February.... and I want to start the CELEBRATION a little early!
Fran loves Freebies and she also loves Chocolate so in recognition of her special day, I am offering my I LOVE CHOCOLATE  packet  as a freebie to you in honor of Fran and all the wonderful freebies and fabulous ideas she has shared with us over time!

There's no need to sign up and wait to see if you won, (although it would be nice for you to hop over and give the birthday girl a virtual hug! ;-) )
Her birthday is on Feb. 22, but I'm sure she'll take an early hug if you have one!
 This little packet has 3  books for emergent readers.
I am also introducing my first EZ-2 Assemble Books!  In my "EZ-2 Assemble" books the pages arranged so they come out of your copy machine ready to fold and staple. No need to rearrange pages after copying. Simply fold and staple....no hassle. You'll save time and save paper, that in itself is like another gift! ;-)
Look for more gifts in Fran's honor soon!
Enjoy this freebie....I would love your feedback on the EZ-2 Assemble books as I have several others in mind! ;-)
Don't forget to go to Kindergarten Crayons and wish Fran a Happy Birthday!