Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Highlighting Letters

If you haven't made it to your local Walgreens this week, hurry! They are selling small highlighters for 9 cents!!! Mind you, they are the mini-highlighters but....9 cents! I nabbed several sets in different colors.
I made this game to go with them:
(You can find a copy in my Teachers Notebook Shop)

When I went searching online for a link to the mini-highlighters I came across this gem....Look at the price for 8 Sharpies!! WOW!  Hurry because the sale ends Saturday!
By the way, I didn't find the mini's online!


Mrs. S. said...

At Staple's through Friday, you can get 2 yellow highlighters for $0.01. Teachers can get up to 25 of the buy, so yesterday I got 50 highlighters for $0.25! :)

Melly <><

Second Grade Strategies

Cindy said...

Hmmmm Interestingly enough..the Staples in my area had that sale last week. Mind you I missed it, which is why I was so excited to get the ones at Wallgreens! ;-)
Thanks for the tip.

Caroline Brantley said...

Love the highlighting sheet. Would you ever consider making one for 1st grade. Highlight the chunk , contraction, compound word, or noun/verb?

sydney said...

the fine print on the penny items at staples is that that price is only good through Wednesday. So hurry there today.

Lessons Learned

Cindy said...

Caroline, I will work on that. It's a great idea.

Cindy said...

The fine print is how I missed out last week. I went on Thursday! ;-(
Thanks for the reminder to folks!

Mrs. Macdonald said...

Listen Ladies!! even better... at Office Depot they have ALL sharpies for 50 cents this week. When I say all.. I mean ultra fine, fine tip, chisel tip AND EVEN THE CLICKER SHARPEES! 50 Cents each.. and they're in every color of the rainbow even colors that I didn't know they had in Sharpee. It's a good deal. Check it out on my blog:

Cindy said...

Mrs. Mac,
I managed to forget about the sale at Office Depot. The one I frequent rarely has the sale items in stock, so I pretty much dismiss their ads. I saw your comment and decided to make the drive over to see. They had them! WHoooohoo! SCORE!! ;-) Thanks for the reminder!
Hurry Ladies...get your hands on these....they have LOTS of colors!!! I got slate grey!!! Who knew?? ;-)

Mrs. Macdonald said...

So excited that you scored on Sharpees too! I told my 10 year old when we walked into Office Depot..."ok, we'll try, but they rarely have the things in their ad" but THEY DID! You can't beat clicker Sharpees in EVERY color of the rainbow for 50 cents! I got 4 shades of Blue for a Charity walk that our family participates in. I love it and am thrilled to share with you!
Hurry in girls, today is the last day.
- jennifer