Friday, July 29, 2011

Embedding Video via ScreenCast

****Update to this post! Apparently, JING has a limit on the bandwidth a user can have for free each month. Guess who went OVER? So I have reposted using another source! 

I received an email from a follower asking how to embed a Jing video into her blog. This quick tutorial takes you through the steps. However, I am finding a "quirk" with Screencast when I have more than one video on the same page. Somehow it changes ALL the videos. Whichever video was the last loaded seems to cannibalize the others. If you're looking to do one video, this should be fine, but you may consider another program if you're trying to load several videos, I ran into this problem BIG time a few weeks ago on a post comparing Google Docs to Drop Box. Another option, if you're using a PC is PhotoStory3. You can use a series of screen shots to create your step-by-step video and a voiceover is simple to do. You can add music as well. It will end up looking much like this video (below) which was made in iMovie with screen shots, music and voiceover. I made this then uploaded my iMovie to Trying to made a video screencast of a screencast was a bit like holding a mirror and looking at yourself in a mirror, so I used screenshots ....felt too much like a TwlightZone episode.(humming the theme song here) ;-)

 Both PhotoStory3 and iMovies can be uploaded to blogger, or other video hosting sites.
I hope this helps you Kitty! ;-)
If you need help creating screenshots on PC or Mac.....just give me a holla' and I'll help!


Kitty W said...

Thanks Cindy! I find that I am able to get it to work using Mozilla, but not IE7. I am going to try some of the other work arounds as well! Thanks for posting this!! I fell so honored. I'll let you know when I finally have some success.

The Write Handed Teacher