Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rhyming Book Freebie

We're working hard in Kindergarten on learning about RHYMING WORDS! It's a slow process. ;-)
I decided to make a little book to help my Kiddos on this journey. I thought you might need something to boost your Kiddos too! This book has a repeating text "What rhymes with _____?". The pictures are crisp and easy to identify.  Each page has a picture imbedded and a matching picture to cut out of the word bank and add to the corresponding page in the book. For example, there is a page of a boat, with a space on the page to glue in a picture of a goat. There are 10 sets of rhyming words. (boat/goat, snake/cake, pen/hen, box/fox, bug/rug, mouse/house, duck/truck, bear/chair, car/star, and wagon/dragon) The book design is intended to be SUPER simple. You'll print it out from your computer, take the pages just as they come out of the printer to your copy machine and set it for 1-sided to 2 sided, copy, fold, staple and go. If your printer does 2-sided pages, then you can print books straight from your printer.
A nice book to add to their emergent reader library!
Would love to hear what you think about this little ditty!
Oh and's Common Core! (RF.K.2a, RF.K4)
Freebie available at TPT & Teachers Notebook