Monday, April 25, 2011

A Little Link Help

Ms. Lopez over at Coloring Outside the Lines mentioned that she didn't quite know how to create a hyperlink within the text on her posts. Here are couple of screenshots that may help you out Ms. Lopez ;-)
When you are in "Posting/ New Post" in Blogger, highlight the text that you want to link. Then locate the "link" button:

I HIGHLY recommend that you go to the blog/webpage that you want to link and copy the URL directly. If you miss a single part of the text of the URL, it will not work. COPY it then PASTE it where it says "To what URL should this link go?" Blogger will even give you a chance to see if the link works. 

To remove a link, highlight the text (again) and hit the LINK button (again).
I hope this helps! ;-)


Hadar said...

how have I NEVER noticed the "test this link" button?!?!

Cindy said...

Hey, it happens! ;-) I have seen so many great ideas since I joined up here....glad I could pass something new along to you!

Mrs. Coe said...

I thought you might know the answer... How do you post an image of multiple documents (they look scattered) in a blog post. Say you want to show all the things you have created but want to show a small version and have the pages grouped together in a scattered fashion. I have never had a use for it but I have one now and I really do not know how it is done. Is this in google docs?

Cindy said...

I am happy to try to help.I am not sure what you mean by "scattered"/ "scattered fashion". Do you have an example I can see? (I am a visual learner)
If someone knows the answer...feel free to pipe right in.

mrs.tabb said...

great tips! thanks!!

Ms. Lopez said...

Yay! I did it Cindy!! I linked from my post to your post here!. Thanks so much for helping me. The one thing I was missing from the steps was highlighting!! I kept clicking on the link button and copying and pasting and writing down the correct URL but I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't show up!!! Thanks again for your help!! You're awesome! (and thanks for the little shout out!) :)

Carolyn said...

It works! I'm a newbie and have a lot to learn. Thanks for sharing - it was easy.