Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day Linky Party


I thought it might be fun to share project ideas for Mother's Day. I know everyone sends something home to the moms that's really nice. So feel free to share here in the lounge!

 Typically, I have each child make a set of hand-drawn note cards. Each set has 12 cards and envelopes. The children use black felt tipped markers to draw four different pictures. I copy them on cardstock and cut apart.  (Note; we do NOT color them, I think they look better as simple line drawings).
The children fold the notecards and count out envelopes. Folding correctly can be a challenge for some of my kinders, but they manage!
I lay a couple of strips of masking tape along the edge of a table for the kids to use as a measuring guide for ribbon. We tie off the ribbon to hold the cards together. (although this year we may use a strip of scrapbook paper to hold them together). The kids make a Mother's Day card, choose a colorful bag with matching tissue paper and voila! ;) Each mom gets a set of 12 cards with 4 different designs. Some Moms will frame them a set and hang them on the wall. I will post images and share my template soon. (Everything is at school) ;-) Check back here because they are ADORABLE!
So.... Link us to your blog you can share what do you have your students do for their Mom for Mother's Day!


Mrs. Phillips said...

I'm sorry I missed this party. My kinders made some really cute flower pots for their moms today. Click on the link below to see them.