Monday, April 11, 2011

SKYPE in the Classroom?

I recently got an email that the folks at SKYPE have set up an Educational division called SKYPE IN THE CLASSROOM. The goal is to connect teachers and students across the globe with one another in a variety of learning environments. You can connect with other teachers, sign up your students to do projects with other classes, arrange for a Guest Speaker, check out their resources and more.
Currently (and probably forever) my district blocks access to SKYPE. But I SKYPED several times with my Blog Buddies at Mania Kindergarten in New Zealand. It was fun and exciting to see them working in their classroom and ask/answer questions directly.
If you have access and have SKYPED or plan to SKYPE In The Classroom, we would love to know how it goes. Please post a comment or send a link to your SKYPING adventure!
Take a peek at a map of the over 10,000 teachers/students around the globe that are connecting with SKYPE In The Classroom! Are you flagged here?