Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pictures for Pocket Charts

 In Kindergarten, the kids LOVE to see themselves in photos. They also love to write messages to each other. I have their photos in the pocket chart with the name of the child below his/her photo. The students go there and pick out a friend to write a message to.
 Back in the day..we use to write the names on by hand. Who has time for that these days? ;-)
I LOVE to use POWER POINT to create the pocket chart photos!
 This short video shows you how to QUICKLY add all your photos at once. You can have the pictures printed, laminated and in the pocket chart in the time it used to take to write names on a few pictures.
Take a look at this video and you too may find it helpful to use PowerPoint.

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I apologize for the "grainy" sound on the video. This was done on my school computer. Oh... and we still use Office 2003! (ugh!!) You may have faster and better results if you have newer programs and equipment! ;-)
Good Luck. Let me know if you have any questions!
I also use the same method for making quick presentations, class books, field trip books, you name it! There really is POWER in PowerPoint! ;-)


A. said...

WoW! Thanks for sharing !

Cindy said...

Thanks for commenting!
You are very welcome! I hope you can use this down the road. Like I said, it's GREAT for making quick photo books for class. ;-)

Kathleen said...

How awesome and easy is that?! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Cindy said...

Yes it really is that simple. I always think of it as one of Bill Gates' little secrets! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much. I have two classes of 26 kids and these type of projects make me question my beliefs of print rich environments!!
This is going in my start of the year file. Wow! Can you tell that I'm thrilled?!!

Cindy said...

That's great! Glad to inspire ;-) I also use the SAME photos and do a "presentation" that has 1 picture per slide and a text box above or below the picture that reads, "Hi, my name is______" . Each child gets the letters of his/her name all cut apart and mixed up. They sort the letters and glue them on the page with their picture. I bind all the pages together to make our FIRST book of the year! I can't tell you how they LOVE that book!

All the places you love said...

I just followed your directions using Power Point 2010. It was a little stretch of my imagination (my computer ability) but I was able to create a power point with 4 pictures per page! Thank you so much! Now I just need to take pictures of my students.

laura said...

wow thank you....i needed to know this NOW...i am preparing for school and knew there had to be an easy way to use powerpoint
maybe you know a good way to do this:....i have seen a long time ago about a teacher that printed directly on her sentence strips...i have tried unsuccessully....is that something you might know how to do?..i would love to learn that.
thanks for the tutorial....your ears will be burning in about 3 weeks when i have a new class to make these...because i will be singing praises...

laura said...

i was trying to watch the video in powerpoint about adding pictures to the jobs/centers board again but it is now missing from the original post (the video)..the pictures of the kids are still there...just not the part I need.
will you be putting that back online for others to access?
thanks, laura